2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn w/ 9 Miles Heading to Mecum Auctions Indianapolis - Luxury Cars

2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn w/ 9 Miles Heading to Mecum Auctions Indianapolis

Not that you?re likely to get a chance to notice, but, even at its speed-limited 155 MPH, the Rolls-Royce insignias at the center of the 10-spoke alloy wheels stay upright, just as they do wherever you?re parked. It?s just one neat touch that will not only calm those with an itch for automotive meticulousness, but also serve as a measure of the extraordinary attention to detail in a sumptuous and totally uncompromised super-luxury four-seat convertible that evokes the coachbuilt convertible Silver Dawns of the 1950s only in its bespoke hand-built craftsmanship. Simply, as Rolls-Royce claims, ?With Dawn, the journey becomes a destination in itself.?

The Dawn convertible?s passing resemblance to the Wraith coupe is just that, a passing resemblance, as 80% of its body panels are unique to the Dawn. The Dawn is also considerably more expensive than its coupe stablemate. You get a car that Rolls-Royce confidently asserts is the quietest convertible in the world with its roof raised, quieter even than the Phantom drophead. Equally, the drama of raising and lowering the roof, which is achieved in 22 seconds at speeds up to 31 MPH, has been referred to as ?a silent ballet.? With the roof in place, you?re cocooned in hallmark luxury with bookmatched wood veneers and natural-grain leather. With it lowered away, the Dawn simply offers a sensory experience like little else on this particular planet.
Contributing to that is an array of intelligent technologies and state-of-the-a...
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