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Classiche 2015 LaFerrari For Sale

To have any Ferrari Classiche Certified is no easy task. But receiving the coveted book is not only a life goal for many, it is an endorsement by the factory that the car and its provenance are an outstanding representation of the brand. Only 499 examples of the LaFerrari were offered, so it took a small miracle for them to consider the certification.

Thankfully, the owner selected all the correct options when the order was placed. Every piece of exterior carbon fiber is on the list, as are the clear vinyl paint protectors. The blacked-out interior includes leather seats, Alcantara dash, and headliner, even the steering wheel. Matte carbon inside and out along with matte black wheels are a majority of the options. “Special Features” account for $8,865, for almost $63,400 in added content. By far, the most intriguing LaFerrari option is a 1:12 scale replica of the car.
Built by the die-cast masters at Amalgam Models, it is exact-even down to the matte center caps. The model is mounted in a display case of acrylic and wood to remind you of what’s in the garage. Given the prices of recent LaFerrari sales, this car is the best investment on the market. Because Marshall Goldman owns every car in his inventory, there is no consignment BS or title headaches. Click the link below for all the details and prepare to be amazed.

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