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Ducati Reveals New E-Mountain Bike and Updates to Original

We all know Ducati for their exquisite motorcycles, but in 2018 they actually launched themselves into the world of electric mountain bikes or E-MTBs. They started off with the MIG-S, which they have just updated for the year 2020. The updates include a new 630Wh Shimano better and a new frame shape. This new 2020 Ducati MIG-S will be priced at $5,495 and will be available in April 2021.

2021 Ducati MIG-S

Ducati has also revealed their brand-new TK-01RR E-MTB. This bike was built with extreme e-enduro in mind. Powering this bike is the Shimano EP8 motor found in the MIG -S, which weighs in at 5.7-lbs and provides 62.6 lb-ft of torque. This motor is mated to a 12-speed transmission and can be held back by Shimano XT brakes. For suspension, the TK-01RR is equipped with the new 180 mm Öhlins RXF 38 fork and Öhlins TTX shock absorber with 170 mm of rear travel. This bike will come with a price of $7,995 with deliveries starting in February 2021.
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2021 Ducati TK-01RR

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