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Ford GT “Le Mansory” is Limited to 3 Examples

Nothing beats a play on words to sell supercars. “Le Mansory” is their tribute to the Le Mans-winning Ford. Choosing to take on such a high-profile car was done to celebrate 30 years as a coachbuilder to the wealthy. “One car per decade” has been their modus operandi, and it is truly quality over quantity. Starting with a new carbon fiber exterior, the color is “Bleurion Race”. Keeping the car’s race-winning aerodynamics in-mind, they spent countless hours using the latest in aerodynamic software to increase downforce and decrease drag. Forged monoblock 21″ wheels complete the exterior, then they crafted a new interior of the finest leather. Before the engine bay was treated to the new color, they achieved 710 horsepower and 620 lb-ft of torque. Click the link below to find your Ford GT and stay with us for all your Mansory news.
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